The secret to a happy life is to go in the direction of your own choosing, on your own steam.
The frustration point is when you encounter an obstacle that prevents you from doing so.
— Cath Fraise (Workspace Founder)

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Prism offers individualized programs that combine specialized instruction and related services embedded within Workspace’s robust community of self-directed learners.



Each student at Prism Academy has a personalized program that is customized to their needs, strengths and interests.

Each learner’s program is built around their unique mix of needs, interests and strengths. We begin with an in-depth “deep dive” into every facet of a child’s learning, social, executive function, physiological and emotional profile, together with you, your experts and our team of therapeutic experts. Together, they create your child’s "Prism:” an integrated understanding of how the different pieces fit together, and which levers will bring the most meaningful impact for your learner so we know where to start first. Then we develop personalized, actionable strategies that each learner can use to self-monitor, self-regulate and self-advocate, so they have agency over their own learning, social and emotional outcomes at every step along the way. Coaching for these strategies is coordinated and integrated into every element of your child’s program.

Using each child’s Prism as a “lens” to understand our priorities and goals, we create a personalized program integrating three building blocks:

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Specialized Instruction

Expert Related Services







Human 101

Woven into everything we do is Human 101: a science-driven program that empowers kids to optimize their own learning, social and emotional outcomes while we work to alleviate their challenges through a multi-layered approach:

We give kids perspective on their differences by teaching them the basic science behind how their bodies and brains using a multi-sensory approach

We make it actionable through tools to optimize the body through the mind, and the mind through the body, like music taught by a music therapist, and fitness class taught by a physical therapist

We give them agency over their own social, emotional, physical and learning outcomes through an understanding of their own Prism, and personalized strategies they can use to self-monitor, self-regulate and self-advocate while they grow



Social. Empowering. Inspired.

Prism Academy is socially and physically integrated into Workspace: a unique and flexible educational center located in Bethel, CT. Workspace’s state of the art facilities and nurturing, robust community empower and inspire kids to find and develop their own strengths.

Find out more about how Prism Academy and Workspace come together to create the ideal environment for children with complex needs to heal, overcome their obstacles and ignite their passion to learn.



Prism Academy launched with a pilot program in February, 2019. Contact us to find out if Prism Academy is the right place for your learner to grow.